Writing Armageddon

How do you tell the story of the final battle at the end of time… the end of our world as we know it? 200 million soldiers marching on Israel… devastation no war has ever seen…? First, you stay grounded and accurate to the Word. Donʼt get the facts wrong… ok, but how about laying […]

Flames of Evil and Angels

Cowriter, Bob Huffʼs edgy Telecaster was pounding the studio somewhere around 105 decibels, when all of a sudden he tuned down his low E string a whole step while never missing a beat… I felt a Spirit-shift inside the room… the hair immediately stood up on my arms… a couple of us looked at each […]

Why Take on Revelation?

When I first mentioned to my worship pastor that we were writing a rock opera on Revelation, he laughed out loud and said “REALLY?!”… I get it… I understand…crazy right?  It was a strange set of circumstances leading to all of this. (Read Rebecca’s backstory about this)… One small step at a time before committing… […]